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Resolutions Past and Present

posted by mrsnunar

resolutionsI apologize for the delay in posting. Especially for those who were ready to follow along with me on the “Thoughts from the parking lot” series I intended to write. Sadly, that intention was there, but the willpower to keep up the writing each week got lost in the shuffle of holiday preparations, lateness to work, and physical anxiety over a mysterious rash that consumed my time and energy. I know excuses aren’t appropriate for God, but I feel like it was, indeed, the thought that counted. I will try harder in the new year to keep up with writing on this blog and thus, the time for resolutions is upon me once again.

Resolutions are so appropriate for blogging, I feel, because they are concrete and can be referred back to in the coming year.Here are my reflections from resolutions from 2009:

1)Grow closer to God- I think I grew a little closer. I certainly could have done more study of His Word, but in all, I kept up daily conversation and prayer, downloaded the Bible on my iPhone and read more often.

2)Keep less on my plate- Could have done better with this. I added 2 ministry blog designs, piano lessons for Anna, and dance at school. Need to work on this again for 2010.

3)Have more margian in life- Terrible at this one. I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. See #5.

4)Freedom from negativity- Again, I think for the most part I did better with this. I need to keep it up more at home. Work was better this year.

5)Become an “expert” at a few things instead of dabbling in many- OK I focused on blogging, Orff, scrapbooking, backwards designing lessons, being a mom, and dance. Is that a few?? I think not. But it’s hard to pare down to two or three. Maybe my new counselor will have suggestions.

6)Give more of myself without expecting anything in return. – I did well at this one. I gave a lot and got a lot in return, even though I didn’t expect it.

So here are a few for next year and if I think of more in the coming days before Jan 1, I will document them also.I also plan to scrap them in the next days before I have to go back to work.

2010 Resolutions

1) Pray daily and journal in a blog once a week. – This will be either here, spiritually, or on my other blog urbanmusiceducation.org for professional journaling.

2) Say NO to adults more and say YES to my kids more.- They deserve more of my time than everyone else right now. There will be time for other things in 16 years.

3) Stop worrying about 2012. – I don’t know why this has bothered me. I need to stop worrying about things in general, but I decided to start with this. I am safe and secure in the knowledge that I will go to heaven, so it shouldn’t matter. What matters is telling people about Christ every possible moment.

4) Continue to go to counseling and try to reduce stress in my life. – I really enjoyed my first session and was glad to find out that my counselor is a Christian and a dancer. I am looking forward to having an outlet to vent.

5)Move towards a move. – I need a change this year and I think a new house will really enable me to cleanse. I know it will be a stressful event, but perhaps I can get through it with the help of this new counselor and with prayer. I really need to get the clutter out of my life too. If a move isn’t possible, then reducing the clutter certainly is.

6) Accept the fact that 140 pounds is healthy and appropriate for a 33 year old and that 120 is not and is in the past. What’s important is that I am active and am maintaining a high metabolism and that God loves me and thinks I’m beautiful, so I should too.

These are the main ones I can think of right now. I probably won’t write again until 2010, so have a Happy New Year and I hope these resolutions stick this year!


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