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posted by mrsnunar

This year has been very difficult and I have had to trust God more than ever that He is guiding me down the path He wants for me. I have been struggling to get everything done at work and I have been feeling this “nudging” to try to look for another job. So many staff members will be exiting with our retiring principal and I feel like it’s just not the same place that I accepted to work in 7 years ago. So many questions…Is God telling me to move or stay? There is so much there thst I’ve built up, so many resources, so many family connections….but then again, there is the tension, difficult confrontations, things I’ve said that I want to take back, and feeling of “fight or flight”n all the time. I’m tired of fighting.

Three songs have spoken to me lately. Two from a Christian artist and one is not, but they both calm me and remind me to trust in God. I feel like everyday I am praying the same prayer: God, please show me the path you have me on. Tell me the future. But I know it’s up to Him to light the way even when I cannot see.

Here are the videos to encourage you and me. Trusting is so hard, but I am so thankful I have God to trust. Having to trust in someone even though you can’t see them is so much better than knowing that they are not there.


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