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The last day of the month

posted by mrsnunar

Seems to be a trend with me- blogging on the last day of the month. But instead of getting down on myself for not blogging weekly as per my New Years Resolutions, I am going to think positively and set a new goal of blogging at least on the last day of the month. It seems like an appropriate time to take a look back on the events of the months and reflect.

This month I have been re-reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. It has brought me to a place of humbleness again that I needed for a long time. I realize fully that I am still in a war with Satan trying to control my every thought. He has set up such strongholds in my mind telling me to worry about almost everything. I have to take a moment to remember to say STOP! and think about God and his plans for me. I have to meditate (which I read is just like worrying, only instead of obsessing about thoughts that are harmful, it is constantly thinking thoughts that are acceptable to God).  And if you think I’m going to be sitting in my room chanting and trying to get to some spiritual enlightenment…uh, no. But, I need to think thoughts that are healthy and right and model that for Anna most importantly. Her self-esteem is crumbling before me and I see in her the same strings being pulled that Satan tried on me. For whatever reason, she is feeling like she isn’t good, her handwriting isn’t pretty, and that I don’t love her. Despite all the consoling and counseling I do, she cannot seem to believe me. It is Satan entering in to her mind and I need to teach her how to recognize it. He is getting to me through her, too. I need to purge him out now! Holy Spirit help me to get rid of this stinking thinking!!

Chapter 2 tells me that I need to make this A Vital Necessity. The Bible says that a tree is known by it’s fruit. (Matthew 12:33) I always thought this meant I had to work at living a “good” life and producing fruitful works to get to Heaven. Buzzzzz!! That big X from Family Feud just appeared in front of my face! Now I realize that it means something different. A tree rooted in God’s Holy Spirit will produce fruit no matter what. It’s my thoughts that make the fruits taste pleasing to God or not. Not just lustful thoughts too. I used to think that this verse was aimed just at porn-addicts and slimy old men. Big X again. No- the thoughts can be anything from worry about earthly things I have no control over, to jealousy, coveting(which I do ALL the time), and the ever-present What-if’s that always keep me busy wondering instead of praying and praising. Satan knows my weaknesses. These thoughts in my mind will not impact whether or not I go to Heaven or Hell, but they can sour my relationship with God here on Earth for the time being. I heard in church today that those who have accepted Christ as their savior , but have taken license to continue sinning (and thus, thinking negatively or producing “bad fruit”) will be taken to heaven immediately by God instead of being allowed to live out their time on Earth. A controversial statement, but one worthy of considering if I want to be here to see my kids grow up and do wonderful things and such.

My memory verse for this month is an easy one…Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Or rather, For as I think in my heart, so am I. I want to think about Jesus, so people will see Jesus. I want to think in my heart about positive things so I in turn can be positive and likeable. I want to please God by holding him in my heart. I’ll let you know next month how I’m doing. 😉

See you on February 28.